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Roles available in OLT’s 2015-2016 Season – The Book of Characters

Blame it on Beckett by John Morogiello (Comedic Drama)
Director Kendra Malm <> AUDITIONS / CALLBACKS Feb. 8 to 9 at 7pm
Heidi Bishop is a wide-eyed dramaturgy intern, at her first “real” job, eager to better the state of American drama. What she encounters instead is an endless stream of bad scripts written by desperate playwrights and an office filled with cynicism and turf battles, led by her bitterly hilarious boss, Jim Foley.  When Heidi's efforts to improve “the way things are” run into unintended consequences, she is forced to confront her idealism with the drama world’s reality to save her career and reputation.
Razor sharp comedy” - LA Theater Review
Performance Dates:
7:55pm:  4/1, 4/2, 4/7, 4/8, 4/9, 4/14, 4/15, 4/16
1:55pm:  4/10, 4/17
“Blame it on Beckett” Character Descriptions
Jim Foley (playable ages 40-50)   Jim is a disillusioned idealist, hiding his disappointment with the way things turned out for him with a cynical, world-weary mask. At the same time, he can see through other’s masks, making him both amused at other’s foibles and disrespectful of people’s pretensions, especially his own. Still, he is deeply in love with the theater and the possibilities it has, constantly searching for that perfect play. He is drawn to Heidi and ends up wanting to teach and protect her because she reminds him of his own idealistic youth. There isn’t anything sexual between them because he is gay and HIV positive, having lost his partner several years ago. He should not be played as obviously gay; that’s only a part of who he is, and he wins our sympathy with his mentoring of Heidi, not his tragic backstory.
Heidi Bishop (playable ages 20-29) Heidi is the young idealist who comes to the theater brimming with ideas and plans. She is not so much naïve as inexperienced, for all of her education. When Jim takes her under his wing she ends up affecting him as much as he affects her. She is always trying to do the right thing and is both upset and hurt when things blow up in her face, mostly because she can’t quite understand how people can have hidden agendas. But in the end, she learns how to stand on her own and work to get the things she desires by using other people’s manipulations against them. During the course of the play she ends up getting kissed by both Mike and Tina, the former voluntarily and the latter involuntarily.
Tina Fike (playable ages 55-65)    Tina is the self-absorbed artiste playwright, extroverted and a touch manipulative. She is used to being the queen bee at the theater and has a joshing colleague/adversary relationship with Jim. She sees the possibilities in Heidi and tries to bring her into her own orbit. Happens to lesbian so there’s also a bit of physical attraction there which she tries to use to manipulate Heidi.
Mike Branschi (playable ages 30-39)     Mike is the guy who’s had to hustle (no not THAT way!) his way to the position he’s in at the theater. He started out at the bottom and is always looking for the main chance to advance himself. Can’t quite understand why Jim seems to be content where he is. Likable, with a winning attitude and the belief he can always talk his way around things, he schmoozes Tina and gets involved sexually with Heidi.
The Lion in Winter by James Goldman (Historical Drama)
Director – James Patrick <> AUDITIONS / CALLBACKS Mar. 8 to 10
Sibling rivalry, adultery and dungeons! A modern day classic. Comedic in tone, dramatic in action, the play tells the story of the Plantagenet family locked in a free for all of competing ambitions over a kingdom and the King’s paramour. The queen and wealthiest woman in the world, Eleanor of Aquitaine, has been kept in prison since raising an army against her husband, King Henry II and released only for holidays. The play centers around the inner conflicts of the royal family during Christmas 1183. As Eleanor says, “every family has its ups and downs,” and this royal family is no exception.
Performance Dates:
7:55pm:  5/6, 5/7, 5/12, 5/13, 5/14, 5/19, 5/20, 5/21
1:55pm:  5/15, 5/22
Henry II, King of England (Male, 50) - Though aging, Henry is still very nearly as vital as he ever was.  His manipulations of family and others are portrayed as spontaneous and emotional as opposed to the well-thought-out stratagems of Eleanor, and the cold, calculating machinations of Geoffrey.
Queen Eleanor (Female, 61) – Eleanor is the wife of Henry and a beautiful woman of great temperament, authority and presence.  She has been a queen for nearly 46 years and, while possessing feminine qualities, she is thoroughly capable of holding her own in a man’s world.  She schemes against Henry and intensely loves him at the same time.  She has contempt for her children but is not willing to see them harmed.
John (Male, 16) – He is the youngest son of Henry and Eleanor.  He is sulky and sullen, with a boyish outlook on his position; many in the play describe him as a spoiled brat.  He is described in the play as pimply and smelling of compost.  He is Henry’s favorite, but also the weakest.   He constantly vacillates throughout the play, not out of cleverness, but out of fear and weakness.  He is easily tricked and manipulated by Geoffrey.
Geoffrey (Male, 25) – He is the son of Henry and Eleanor, and a man of energy and action.  He is attractive, charming and the “brains” of the family; he is also a cold, amoral schemer.  His view of himself is of one who yearned greatly for the love of his parents while receiving none.  Yet, the play leaves open to question whether any of Henry’s three sons should be thought to have been truly loved by either Henry or Eleanor and not merely used by King and Queen as pawns in their ceaseless scheming against one another.
Richard, the Lionheart (Male, 26) – The third, and eldest surviving, son of Henry and Eleanor, their second son, Henry, having recently died.   Richard is handsome, graceful and impressive and has been a famous soldier since his middle teens.  War is his profession and he is good at it.  He is easily the strongest and toughest of the three sons/princes.  Richard and Philip Capet have been sexually involved prior to the action of the play.  However, Philip declares that he participated in the affair purely for political purposes, whereas Richard indicates he had a genuine affection for Philip.
Alais Capet (Female, 23) – She is beautiful and in love with Henry.  Everyone underestimates her intellect and power.  She is initially portrayed as innocent, but the end of the play has begun to acquire a ruthless streak of her own, insisting that Henry imprison his three sons for the rest of their lives in the dungeon.
Phillip II, King of France (Male, 18) – He has been King of France for three years.  He is not initially as accomplished as Henry in manipulating people, but seems to acquire greater skills at this during the play.  He is impressive and handsome without being pretty,
Local playwright!  Popup: Life is Complicated by Kendra Leanne Malm (Comedy – Staged Reading) 
Director Austin Lang <> AUDITIONS / CALLBACKS Apr 18 to 19
Chelsea Walsh is a single professional woman in her forties. Egged on by her free-spirited best friend, she starts a relationship with a much younger man who works down the hall from her.  Then her mother shows up and reveals something about Chelsea's past that she would rather have kept hidden.  This revelation shocks her new boyfriend, fascinates her best friend, causes conflict in her family, and makes Chelsea re-evaluate her life so far.
Performance Dates:
7:55pm:  6/9, 6/10, 6/11
1:55pm:  6/12
Chelsea Walsh  A single professional woman, urban planner for the city of Seattle, mid 40’s. She is attractive, and dresses professionally, but stylishly. She is also quite tall, with an athletic figure rather than being either model-slender or curvy, moving with a controlled energy. She has a dry sense of humor which she often uses to protect herself and which becomes more biting after her secret is revealed.

Zoë Vandervecken     A free-spirited artist/graphic designer, Chelsea’s friend, 30’s.  Bright and outgoing, she has no filters and says whatever pops into her mind, though there is no malice in her and she is not by any means dumb. She has a hip style to her dress that’s not exactly high-fashion, nor bohemian, nor artsy, but a unique combination of the three.

Dave Walsh       Owner of a game & comic store, Chelsea’s brother, late 30’s.  His laid-back manner and geek attitude hide a sharp mind, which he uses to banter with his sister and later with Zoë.  Supports Chelsea when things go south on her.

Jordan Kramer  Lawyer for city, works in same building as Chelsea, 30’s.  Chelsea’s love interest and a match for her physically and intellectually.  Has an off-beat sense of humor which compliments hers and helps bring her out of her shell.  Is hurt and perplexed when Chelsea’s secret comes out because she didn’t confide in him.

Midge Walsh     Stylish suburban housewife, Chelsea’s mom, 60’s.  She’s a trim, stylish woman, the picture of the perfect upper-middle-class housewife and mother, which is part of her problem; she has a deep need to keep up that image.  Not pleased with the choices Chelsea has made and is the vehicle for her secret coming out.  She does love her children and is in her own meddling way trying to protect Chelsea.

Chuck Walsh     Aerospace engineer & ex-Marine, Chelsea’s dad, 60’s.  He is a tall, fit man with a very no-nonsense manner to him.  Reserved almost to the point of being taciturn, he takes life as it comes, though this hides a similar sense of humor as Chelsea’s.

Other Desert Cities by Jon Robin Baitz (Drama)
Director Toni C. Holm <> AUDITIONS / CALLBACKS May 15 to 17 Final casting mid May 2016, Rehearsals Begin June 1
Other Desert Cities by Jon Robin Baitz (Drama).  Brooke Wyeth’s family have always been involved in both Hollywood and conservative politics:   In Palm Springs, CA with her for a Christmas reunion are: her father (a former Western movie star known for his prolonged death scenes and a staunch GOP politician), her mother (fiercely protective, but a forceful practitioner of “tough love”) and aunt (liberal and alcoholic) and her brother, creator of a highly successful “reality” TV show.   Brooke has brought the manuscript of her long-awaited new book, a memoir about her older brother’s death, his involvement in a fatal Vietnam War-era bombing of a military recruitment center, and her view of their parents' responsibility for his suicide.  Is she seeking forgiveness or permission?  How will her image-conscious family cope?  What really happened to her older brother?
Performance Dates:
7:55pm:  7/8, 7/9, 7/14, 7/15, 7/16, 7/21, 7/22, 7/23
1:55pm:  7/17, 7/24
Characters are smart, quick-witted and most, deeply flawed. The dialog is swift and sharp.  Actors must be quick.  It’s a drama, but with a fair amount of humor and big doses of irony. The characters are not always exactly what they initially appear to be.
Trip: “We’re all adults here; they will accept it.”
Brooke: “Trip, have you met our parents?”
Brooke Wyeth: (female, late 20’sto early 40’s.) An intelligent, tortured and dry-witted writer, with issues. She idolized her long-gone older brother, doesn’t much like her mother, and tends to bond with her aunt and brother. She is forced to reevaluate all these relationships and some life-long assumptions during the course of the play.
Polly Wyeth: (female, 60’s) Brooke’s Mother. Tough, elegant, forthright and whip-smart. Republican and conservative to the core.  Polly is a “bitch” with high standards for herself and those around her. Externally, fiercely protective of her family, she is not “nice”, but would do anything for her children. The challenge to playing her will be to make her admirable, even if not always likeable.
Lyman Wyeth: (male 60’s-early 70’s.) A former Western movie star. (His lengthy death scene were legendary.)  He’s fit & handsome, but not as strong as he used to be. He loves his children. He’s compassionate but has very firm beliefs about right and wrong. 
Trip Wyeth: (male, mid-20’s-30’s) the younger son. Bright and a bit snarky, he’s the creator and  producer of a TV realty series called “Jury of your Peers”  The only relaxed person in the family Trip has clearly done a lot of therapy.  He’s generally sane and happy with his life and if the others scorn his creation, he’s OK with that.
Silda Grauman: (female, 50+) Sister to Polly. Former Hollywood writer (with her sister). Wise-cracking, alcoholic, a just-out-of-rehab a mess, but with a lot of style.  She’s bright & desperate. Lovely character study of her by Judith Light
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