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Auditions for Mama Won't Fly are set for Sunday, March 1 @ 6pm and Tuesday March 3 @ 7pm in the Annex Building behind Olympia Little Theatre, 1925 Miller Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98506. (360) 786-9484. Negotiable; let the stage manager know if you need a different audition time (

Directed by Kathryn Beall (, the performance dates are May 8-June 7, 2015.

REHEARSALS BEGIN the week of March 9, 2015, probably mainly Mon-Thur evenings, except Tech Week. Somewhat negotiable!

PERFORMANCES: (not negotiable)
Thursday - Saturday 7:55p - 5/8, 5/9, 5/15, 5/16, 5/28, 5/29, 5/30,
6/4, 6/5, 6/6
plus Tuesday May 19 (Special performance) and Thursday May 14 (Special performance)
Sunday 1:55p - 5/10, 5/17, 5/31, 6/7

Synopsis: Samantha has faithfully promised her brother she will get their Mother to his wedding in California.  Imagine her horror when she goes to pick up their Mother for the airport and finds, Mama Won’t Fly!  They prepare to start off in the Buick, only to be joined by the bubbly bride-to be, who thinks this is the perfect opportunity to meet her prospective in-laws.  You can only imagine where this road trip of a lifetime will take them!

The play is written in two acts, each act having 7 or 8 scenes. All the scenes are akin to “blackout” skits­; setup of situation, setup of joke, punch line and blackout.

There are an enormous number of roles, many of which will be doubled which is both fun for actors who don’t want to learn a lot of lines, and those who are adept at switching voices, posture, walk, etc. to suggest a different character along with wigs, beards, hats, etc. 

These roles a great opportunity for actors to show their stuff, stretching out and playing all different characters!

Character Descriptions:
(With many thanks to the Peacock Playhouse Hayesville, NC from whom we borrowed some of the great character descriptions.)

Single Actor Roles: (Women)
 Norleen Sprunt 55+, (Mama) spirited, tenacious, is a meddler by nature

Savannah Honeycutt 30+, (Beleaguered Daughter) Southern businesswoman, who owns an upscale accessories shop

Haley Quinn 20+ (Bubbly Bride-to-Be) about to marry Norleen’s son; loveable, high-energy, nervous about meeting her future family and has a history of the worst luck in the world

Multiple Roles (Women) – At least 3 women, possibly more, will be cast to these fun comedic roles!  Remember ages are just approximate playable ages.)
Tanya (40-ish) big-haired, flashy realtor, acts in local community theatre
Aunt Rema Jean (50) fun-loving country matron at a backyard barbeque
Edweena (50) church lady leading a protest march
Kiki (40) Vegas bimbo, excited: she’s hooked an older man with money!
Essie (80) Tour guide at a Bra Museum (she’s a hoot!)
Great-aunt Pawnee (90) Matriarch at the backyard barbeque, physical comedy but no lines!

Fanny (50) church lady leading a protest march
Sybil (60) well-dressed wife (for 2 more wks) who has catfight with Teeta about her (ex-) husband marrying the bimbo, Kiki

Aunt Ardale (50) Bible-totin’ golddigger at the backyard barbeque
Juliette (50) hard-livin’, tough-as-nails tipsy woman in the only bar in Nickle Bone, a ­wide spot in the road

Teeta (60) tough, ex-showgirl in Vegas, licensed to marry couples, has catfight with Sybil and one with Kiki!

NOTE: I will cast at least 3 women to play these parts or divide them even further. As you can see, the roles are divided up by the authors into a 40-ish category, a 50-ish category, and someone to play 60-90  ­REMEMBER you do not have to be these ages, just be able to play them convincingly!

Multiple roles (Men)

All the men play multiple roles but the roles can be divided to suit the actor.   Probably 2 men will be cast.

Denton Crocker (70) Norleen’s friend who takes care of odd jobs for her
Cousin Chicken (60) Western dude at the backyard barbeque; carries his wife’s ashes in a huge mayo jar dressed in a square dance costume­. (yes, really!)

Mitch (50) a cowboy charmer, gregarious, rugged, brother to Mickey. They’re having a fight about whether their bar should be an Irish pub or a Western bar (in a Texas wide-spot in the road.)

Officer Dugger (60) world-weary trooper, all business, makes the mistake of stopping the three women on the road

Ronald (60) well-dressed and well-heeled groom for Kiki… until his soon-to- be ex-wife shows up

Kelvin (50) oh-so-haughty, well-dressed concierge who feels our three ladies need to get to the swap meet for which they’re obviously dressed

Uncle Ferd (70) an oddball and dancing fool-- part of the family at the backyard BBQ

Mickey (40) effusive brother to Mitch, complete with Irish brogue, leprechaun hat and apron, ­this bar is going to be an Irish Pub

Red (50) trucker, over-caffeinated, intense man who sees life as truck stop
Spud (40) the man Savannah planned to marry, 20 years ago until Mama meddled! They meet again­ except he’s now wearing women’s clothes. Life took him in a different direction!

NOTE: I can divide the roles up for more men, but the fun is doing all the wild bits that are called for. Some characters have much more dialogue than others and the age ranges are just playable ­ranges!  

General info about OLT auditions

Our audition procedures are generally as follows, but may vary at the discretion of the Director:
Auditions are typically held on a Monday and a Tuesday evening, starting at 7:00 p.m. You do not have to attend both nights of auditions, but you are welcome to read both nights of auditions if you'd like. If callbacks are necessary, the director will schedule the date and time.

Audition appointments are not necessary unless you are unable to attend auditions on the regularly scheduled days and times. In that case, the Director may agree to schedule a separate audition appointment for you. This choice is entirely up to the Director.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. You do not need to have prepared monologues. Copies of the scripts for the current season's plays are available at the Downtown, Lacey, and Tumwater branches of the Timberland Library. You may ask for a copy of the script at the information desk. Scripts are only available for use at the library and may not be checked out.

Headshots and resumes are welcome at auditions, but are not necessary.

Rehearsals are typically Monday through Thursday. Additional rehearsals and/or the rehearsal schedule are at the Director's discretion. Performances are typically Thursday through Sunday; Sunday is the only matinee. Special performances are typically on the Tuesday evening after the second weekend of performances.

Olympia Little Theatre is a community theater and you need not have any previous experience, just passion and commitment!