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Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, by Ed Graczyk
Production Runs January 16-February 1 at Olympia Little Theatre

Auditions Mon November 10 & Tues November 11 @ 7pm in the Annex, Olympia Little Theatre  or by appointment.
1925 Miller Ave, Olympia, WA 98516
Directed by Kathryn Beall

Roles for 1 Man, 8 Women

The “Disciples of James Dean” fan club are gathering for their 20th annual reunion at the Kressmont Five-and-Dime in McCarthy, Texas.  Teenagers when Dean filmed the movie “Giant” nearby, the now middle-aged women were infatuated by Dean’s “bad boy” beauty.  Fond memories of their youthful hey-day are shattered with the arrival of a stunning, yet familiar, stranger who sparks a confrontation that smashes their illusions of the past and forces them to rebuild their friendships in the present.

The play is set in 1975 with flashbacks to a critical night in 1955.  Funny, intimate, dramatic...a great show for audiences and the ensemble cast.

Character Descriptions (playable ages):

Juanita (50+) - Owner of the Five & Dime and much older than the members of the fan club. She is a simple Texas woman with a home permanent and dresses plainly. Deeply religious, she is constantly justifying her actions in the name of the Lord.

Mona (35-45) - Seemingly fragile; she prefers to live in a dream world rather than the real one.  Being the president of the fan club is one of her most important achievements; the other is her son whom she claims was fathered by James Dean when she was an extra on his film, “Giant”, filmed at a nearby town.

Sissy (35-45) - Her life has always revolved around her sexy look and her attractiveness to men.  She delights in aggravating Juanita with her language and lifestyle. Her most outstanding feature is her gigantic breasts.  On the surface, she is only a flashy dresser with lots of cheap jewelry and make-up but Sissy has unexpected depths.

Stella May (35-45) – One of success stories of McCarthy, she has done well with her life – at least financially.  Her husband is a successful wild-catter and she is the wealthiest of the former members of the fan club.  She is loud and boisterous but does her obnoxious behavior cover a secret heartbreak.

Edna Louise (30-35) - Quiet, insecure, and very pregnant. She works as a beautician, lives with her husband and other children. She leads a simple life but is the happiest of all the women at the reunion.

Joanne (35-45) - Mysterious visitor who comes to the reunion. She is attractive, sophisticated, well dressed, and arrives in a sports car identical to one driven by James Dean. She is the catalyst who tells the truth and forces the others to look at themselves; she knows them all and their secrets.

Young Mona (late teens, mid-20s)* - Naïve, deeply romantic; imagines herself as different and better than the small town people she grew up around but falters when she tries to leave the familiar place for college.  Best friends with both Sissy and Joe.  She is very protective of Joe and his problems with the townspeople.

Young Sissy (late teens, mid-20s)* - A cheerleader and popular girl in high school  Sensual, very aware of the power she has over the young men in the town.  Very loyal to both Mona and Joe.

Joe (late teens, mid-20s) – The only male member of the original fan club; Mona and Sissy are his only friends.  He does NOT fit into the small town and struggles to find his place in the world.  Joe is the linchpin of much of the discoveries within the play.

*Note:  The two young women are the 1955 versions of the Mona and Sissy from 1975 so we will be looking for some physical similarities between the four characters.


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